Battling together as one 

I am currently at a college campus for this thing that my youth group has done for the past 8 years or so. It’s called Battle of the Youth Groups. You do exactly what it is called. About 9 different churches from around here, and some a little further off, come for three days to spend time together killing each other in different games and sports. You battle other youth groups. 

I am a chaperone for my youth group. No, I cannot participate, but I do wish I could. I loved Battle when I was in high school, but for different reasons than I do now. 

In high school, my youth group had a lot of people around my age, almost all guys though, but it was still awesome. We were pretty good at these games and sports, but I think we looked at this youth event different. In high school, I thought of this event as a place to have fun and just win. But now that I am not participating, and I am a chaperone, I see things differently. 

As a chaperone, I see this youth event as working together with your youth group. This youth event should be about encouraging each other, lifting others up when they are down, cheering each other on, helping others when they fail and when they make a mistake, having fun with each other, and most importantly, giving God the glory. 

Obviously, when you go to any kind of battle, you work together. You have to work together in order to survive. That seems like common sense to me. At this youth event we have minute to win it games, rope swing, trolley races, dodgeball, bible quiz, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and human foosball. You have to work together in each of these in order to “survive.” 

While I watch other youth groups battle at each of these games and sports, I notice something different about each of them. Each group has their own way of working together.   

Battle of the Youth Groups is here for a reason. It’s here to show you that your youth group, and all the other youth groups, as well as the other chaperones and adults, are always going to be there for you, just like God. While we battle this life of Christianity, we are going to have ups and downs. We are all in a spiritual battle – a cosmic conflict with eternal implications. We are all going to fail. It’s life, and it’s perfectly okay to fail. We need to remember that we have people everywhere that are looking out for us. We have people everywhere encouraging us, and we need to do the same for them. God will always be there for us. Let us not forget that. 




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