Day camp

This past week I was able to be a day camp counselor. I have only been to day camp once, which was two years ago, but I loved it because I fell in love with a little girl from the Children’s Home.

If you know me, you know that I am afraid of babies, and that I always say that I don’t like kids. Well, I think I am changing. That is very weird to say, but I know it is most definitely true. I am still afraid of babies – I hate when babies cry, and I definitely will NOT hold them.

Two years ago, my mom and I were co-directors for the day camp at Crowley’s Ridge Youth Camp, which was when there were two sessions of day camp. We had a ton of help, and it was a blast.

When I was co-director, I met this little girl from the Children’s Home. She was the funniest, goofiest, and lovable little child I had ever met. She was attached to me every single day of camp, and I loved it. I loved her smile; I loved her, which was weird to say, especially coming from me. But it was the truth – I loved her. A little kid had finally made me smile and laugh, and I loved it.

For this session of day camp, there were 21 boys and 6 girls. Whoa, right? That’s a ton of boys. Some would say that 6 girls isn’t that much, but I really liked having only 6 girls. Haha, please let me explain what I mean by that: When you have only a few girls to watch over, you get to know every single one of them very well. That’s the beauty of it.

Every step that I took, I had a little girl, and a few boys, running up to me constantly wanting to do something, either it be just hugging, talking, playing basketball, taking pictures, or just staring at each other, or having a burping contest (when you’re supposed to be napping).

I have always been a huge fan of outdoors and nature so I thought day camp would be great. But that is not the reason why I did day camp. I did day camp because I want…
1) the campers to know how much God loves them
2) the campers to know how much I love them
3) the campers to have a fantastic camp experience
4) to show the love of God to others
5) to make people smile and laugh

Camp has definitely always been my favorite part of the summer, and I would not miss it for anything.


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