Broken Prayers

Growing up as a child, I was taught how to pray and talk to God about anything and everything. Growing up as a teenager/adult with social media around me, I was taught how to hold it together, to make the bad look better, how to be the "perfect" person that everyone around me wanted to... Continue Reading →


College Graduation

I CAN believe that I am almost done with college - after all, it's only been five years... In T minus seven hours I will walk across the stage and receive my BSCE (Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering) and a minor in Mathematics. In just two weeks and two days I will start my first... Continue Reading →


I officially have three weeks left in my last semester of college. On May 12th I will be graduating with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. For my last semester of college I am only taking 12 credit hours while working 16 hours for the highway department in Jonesboro. One of... Continue Reading →

Foundations Of Our Faith

About the first week in June, Spencer came to me and asked me to give a girl's devotional thought at church camp, which would happen in 2.5 weeks. I told him I would, and he gave me a question to answer: How do you know when you a more spiritually weaker than normal? What do... Continue Reading →

Engineering + girls = ???

A couple of weeks ago I went to study at the library with some of my [guy] engineering friends for a test the following day. As we were "studying" (notice I put it in quotations because half the time we were talking about the professor's teaching methods and also making jokes), one of my [guy]... Continue Reading →

The Day of Love

The best kinds of gifts are those that come from the heart. Am I right? But what about that $400 Apple Watch for Christmas? The $300 Wireless Beats for your birthday? Yeah, those are pretty sweet and everything, but we shouldn't be obsessing over them. Valentine's Day is upon us, and for the past 21... Continue Reading →

Complain, Complain, Complain

I recently started my spring semester of my junior year, and guess what the one thing is that has happened the most within the past 4 days? Complaints. Not weird at all, right? Right. I wanted to write about this word because it's more than just complaining; it solely becomes a habit. So here goes the thoughts... Continue Reading →

Thankful For The Mess

Thanksgiving. The fourth Thursday in November when families gather together for a day of feasting, football, and each other. Thanksgiving. A day where everyone is being thankful for what he or she has. Thanksgiving. A lovely day to celebrate, but I think we, especially me, more than often forget what we should truly be thankful... Continue Reading →

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